In the summer of 2017 I decided to train for a half marathon. Having never run a distance longer than six miles, I turned to Stephanie Thompson of Warrior Runners for her expertise. She provided an outline, a plan, and constant feedback on my progress along the way. In the months leading up to this challenge, Stephanie’s guidance helped me increase my distance over time in a healthy and sustainable way. By race day I knew that my training had prepared me to accomplish my goal – and I did!

  • Ross Kessler

Stephanie has worked with three of my children to help them succeed as runners. They love her and I think she is amazing. Working with three children at one time who are at different levels can be very difficult but Stephanie was able to do it and do it well. I also have hired her to work individually with them. Stephanie has always been extremely positive and encouraging. She also taught my children about safety when running. As a parent I appreciate that so much because it helps to have your children hearing such things from an adult that is not a parent! I am not a runner but I follow Stephanie online and I have benefited from her encouragement, motivation and positivity as well. I highly recommend Stephanie Thompson. 

  • Cynthia Hovda, Cynthia Hovda Photo

I turned to running in my late 30’s to get myself mentally and physically healthy. Slowly increasing my goals from 5 and 10ks to half marathons and now marathons. I still feel very new to the sport and turned to Stephanie Thompson and Warrior Runners to help me take that next step in my development as I prepare for the Big Sur Marathon. Stephanie has given me the knowledge, accountability and push my training needs to meet my goal of completing what will be my most physically challenging race. What’s surprised me the most about Stephanie is the amount of time she commits to getting to know and understand me. She’s become a true partner in my training which is exactly what I was looking for in a coach.

  • KC Carpenter, K.A. Recruiting, Inc.

A year ago I thought I'd never run again after dealing with knee injuries leading up to surgery. Thanks to Coach Steph's wisdom gained from copious experience, I just completed my first post-injury half marathon, feeling stronger than ever and am well on my way to my first marathon this spring! The greatest part is that at age 45 I am in the best shape of my life physically and mentally and I owe so much of where I am now to Coach Steph!

  • Aaron Clark

I had completed a couple half marathons and sprint triathlons before meeting Steph in 2010, but wasn’t interested or committed to the idea of a full. She gradually helped me build distance and in January 2011 I completed my first marathon in California. We had fun that year training: being “bandits” in Boston, NYC, and Philadelphia. To date I have done marathons in 24 states. I have been to places that I never considered visiting and I am better person for it. I am very fortunate to have had her help.

  • Merrill Sweet, Sweet Tomatoes

In the summer of 2018, I contacted Stephanie Thompson from Warrior Runners to coach my 14 year old son while on the Cape for a month. During this time, Stephanie's positive coaching, helpful tips and relatable stories helped my son to find an inner drive to develop his love for running. He went into the season strong and confident, which led to an amazing season - he beat his personal best several times, ultimately cutting nearly 1:44 from his 2-mile time. Stephanie's professionalism, knowledge, and commitment are simply the best!

  • Erin Donnell, Traverse City, MI

Warrior Runners Rock! During the summer of 2017, myself and two other staff members, along with 9 interns from our summer intern program trained for 1 hour a week with Stephanie from Warrior Runners. The goal was to prep us to run a 5K at the end of our 10-week program. We ranged in experience from non-runners to a few of the interns who ran quite regularly. Stephanie’s training and encouragement were quite effective and led us all to success in reaching our goal. For myself, not exactly a motivated runner since young adulthood, I enjoyed the experience and appreciated Stephanie’s encouragement. Her method of training and positive motivation led this 57-year-old to run his first 5K! Thank you, Stephanie Thompson!

  • Doug Lackie, LifeHouse Church, Middleboro, MA

I enlisted Coach Steph’s assistance to help with my upcoming Navy PSTs. I had no problems with the swim and the calisthenics, but was struggling with the run. She believed that there was nothing wrong with my ability as a runner and felt that there was more of an issue with my mindset. In the days and weeks leading up to my tests, she sent me videos and quotes and suggested workouts to help ease my mind going into the runs and they helped tremendously. I passed the run and earned my contract! Thanks, Coach Steph!

  • Cody Walsh, Duxbury, MA