Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 9)

8/1/18- First full day in my new Frontier Pro-4x (blasting “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” with the sunroof open). Conflict on crowd control duty with assistant manager. Documentation following.

8/2/18- 30 min physical therapy (PT) exercises and 30 min strength training. Cleaning job. Registration complete—> new bumper stickers immediately put on :) Lay training session with client R for the summer.

8/3/18- 13.5 sweaty mi run @ canal before work, making friends with other female runners along the way. Took down piping plover fencing at Stony Point with other rangers (listening to the soothing sounds of the nearby bell buoys :). Met with canal manager S and my union rep R to discuss my grievance re the LOR.

8/4/18- 30 min PT and 30 min strength training before work. Conducted surveys at recreational sites. While on patrol, cracked down on poaching/undersized stripers. Initiating contact with relatives in the Azores, whom I’ve never met and have no idea how we’re related, but my 2nd cousin B has been to San Miguel a handful of times, so I’m relying on his paperwork with names and addresses.

8/5/18- 5 mi beach run in the sun :)

8/6/18- 41 mi bike ride @ canal before work… drafted off an electric bike for the last mile (I’m that good). A warm and sunny day at work picking up trash with other seasonal park ranger… An excuse to spend an extended period of time on the east end jetty. Decompressing at home, listening to “Ghost of Tom Joad".

8/7/18- 15 min elliptical, 30 min strength training, and 4 mi run with client A. Picking up fishermen’s trash in parking lots in the morning, while being video’d by one of the regular homeless individuals with his phone. By afternoon, “hunting” abandoned lobster traps in the canal Sandwich side— nice collaborative effort between U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, MA Environmental Police, and MA Division of Marine Fisheries.

8/8/18- Motivating 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training before work. Cleaning salty/foggy floor-to-ceiling windows of Marine Traffic Control and power washing the redwood benches along the canal (covered it moss)— the “transformations” were amazing… Photography consult with Cynthia Hovda Photography in the evening :)

8/9/18- Very uplifting and motivating 30 min PT and 30 min strength training. Babysitting Alex for a fun four hours of Legos, Heritage Museum and Gardens, and harvesting veggies from my garden. A free initial phone consult with potential client C re his asthma and difficulty passing his physical standard test for the Navy SEALS. Another free initial phone consult with potential client R re her desire to train for a long distance race.

8/10/18- 14 mi run @ canal before work. Received my Five Years of Federal Service certificate. Cleaned up trash along walking trails with other seasonal rangers. Met with canal manager S… LOR has been rescinded from my record!!!

8/11/18- Slept in. Got a pedicure (hot pink). Ran errands and did chores leisurely. Relaxing fire at night.

8/12/18- Dressing up as a Mardi Gras angel for Carnival Week kickoff booze cruise and costume contest in Ptown. So much fun with friends.

8/13/18- 2 hours of sleep. Meeting at Starbucks with client C to discuss Navy SEAL PST requirements and time frame before work. A busy day on patrol—> working with MA Environmental Police Officer (EPO) to locate “shorties” (undersized fish) and measure. Responded to an injured duck call and drove animal to Cape Wildlife for medical treatment. Approached by a man in motorized wheelchair along the canal, and he told me his life story for approx. 30 min; being the empathetic human being I am, I listened. By evening, prepped new clients’ paperwork.

8/14/18- Challenging strength training and 5.5 mi run with client @ canal before work. Received a stalker-type letter from wheelchair guy at my place of work… He drove his little wheelchair straight through our gate and into the admin building to deliver it. I took the evening to read and ponder the letter and this man’s act of going to my field office.

8/15/18- Upon arriving to work, I notified my manager, as well as MA Environmental Police and Bourne Police about the letter. Follow-up procedures- I gave testimony of my encounter with the man and handed over letter as evidence. After work, received a call for an interview at Cape Cod Community College re a part-time teaching assistant job that I applied for- start date in Sept. :)