Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 8)

7/15/18- 4 mi run with client A @ canal before work— a ton of striper activity. Productive day. Finalized September’s Europe itinerary and met with Dr. M in preparation for my meeting 7/18.

7/17/18- Meeting with Lee, founder of Veteran Entrepreneurial Training & Resource Network (VETRN) and being accepted into the Sept class :) Celebratory dinner that evening.

7/18/18- 12 mi run @ canal before work… I think fishermen are catching onto my alias (civilian runner/biker by dawn. and park ranger by day). At work, met with my manager re the grievance I submitted in response to the Letter of Reprimand (LOR). He’s deciding whether or not to rescind the LOR.

7/19/18- My Xterra’s vehicle inspection sticker- passed. 13.75 mi beach run in the sun, no humidity, and peace/quiet… crossed a stream barefoot at high tide and watched the whale watching boat leave the harbor full of tourists. By evening, coached high school client R— 'boot camp’ calisthenics circuit :)

7/20/18- 38 tired mi on bike @ canal before work. LOR not rescinded. Met with union rep J to discuss Step 2 of the grievance process. VETRN processing paperwork completed.

7/22/18- 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training before work. VETRN paperwork mailed. Spent 4 hours drafting a 5-page grievance letter. Spent an additional hour drafting my request for “reasonable accommodations” re my learning disability. Vacuumed out my own vehicle (finally).

7/23/18- A positive 4 mi run @ canal with client A before work. Being approached by a park attendant about a faulty emergency brake in their GEM electric golf cart, I immediately informed chain of command via email, as well as the oncoming park ranger that afternoon. A positive 4 mi run with client R through the rolling golf course hills.

7/24/18- 12.5 mi run @ canal before work. Stood a successful Traffic Control duty all day on the South Service Road… smiles in the sun. Wrapped up grievance letter in the Step 2 process. Got the next 5 days off from work.

7/25/18-Another positive 4 mi run @ canal with client A. Narcan training at WellStrong (emotional).

7/26/18- Test drove a Nissan Frontier and it stalled two miles down the road (what?!!!). Test drove a second Frontier, and it rode smooth... 12 mi beach run in the sun… humid, but I needed it. Introduced short interval running/training with client R.

7/27/18- Approaching a brain-damaged rabbit in the road and drove over it slowly to seal the deal on its fate… crying on my drive to the canal. Submitted my second grievance to the next level in the chain of command. A slow, weak 39 bike ride @ canal, south side. Being there for Alex, by his side, as he completed his level 1 swim test… He did great and passed. In the evening, meditated the unfolding events impending in August and moving forward… This Phoenix is preparing to rise from the ashes.

7/28/18- A motivating 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training, listening to motivational youtube videos, including “I Am.” Vacuumed, went tanning and ran errands. Rest and relaxation in the afternoon. Dinner and movies with friend M.

7/29/18- 15 mi slow run around town. Afternoon chill with dogs. The planning and preparation for Europe continues <3

7/30/18- Short workout for myself, followed by a 5 mi run with client A @ canal before work. Followed up about GEM emergency brake issue with manager/assistant manager/safety ranger/oncoming ranger. 3 mi jog through golf course with client R and coming across an aggressive coyote. :(

7/31/18- 40 mi bike ride @ canal before work. Answering kids’ questions at the Visitor Center during the hosted event, “What do Rangers Do?” After work, picked up my new Nissan Frontier Pro-4x (a 4 hour process).