Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 7)

7/1/18- 34 mi (warm) bike ride @ canal before work. Seal pup stranding at east end jetty… repeatedly beaching itself (in proximity to the Drunken Seal Restaurant) and passing out from exhaustion. Getting hot in the sun and going back into the bay. I observed this seal pup’s behavior 3x, while I’m standing on the beach keeping a safety perimeter away from people, in my poly-blend uniform in the sweltering sun, dripping in sweat, waiting for IFAW volunteers to arrive. The seal pup was good to go.

7/2/18- 4 mi run with client A @ canal before work. Mom called to say Tsunami was off-balance, not walking outside, not eating, and vomiting 5x. She drove him to Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists (CCVS), where he was admitted overnight. I left work early to meet them there. Bloodwork was ok, more tests to be conducted. Harvested my first green beans of the season.

7/3/18- 35 mi bike ride @ canal before work. In anticipation all day, worried about my Sumo at CCVS. Brought him home in the evening—> very weak but alert.

7/4/18 (Independence Day)- Taking day off from work to be with and care for my Sumo in his recovery—> still in pain, but eating a bit and enjoying me being with him. Drove to Battleship Cove with friend J for a few hours to watch the fireworks over Mt Hope Bay, Fall River, from the main decks of USS Massachusetts.

7/5/18- Taking day off from work to be with and care for Sumo. While doing chores around the house, I watched his health slowly improve—> eating more and his 1st solid bowel movement in 5 days :)

7/6/18- Lazy stormy afternoon with Sumo in bed, working on training plans and organizing coaching notes. Sumo continues to eat, and he made his 2nd solid poop. He’s still wobbly on his feet.

7/7/18- 11.5 mi beach run. While running, vet from CCVS called to say Sumo’s diagnosis is Pancreatitis. Called Sumo’s primary vet to make an appointment and get him tested for Cushing disease. When I returned home, Tsunami was in good spirits and gave me his first toy “present” in his mouth in a week.

7/8/18- Slept in with Sumo. 36 mi bike ride @ canal, south side for a change of scenery… sun, not too congested, lots of boats. Afternoon chill with my pups.

7/9/18- Motivating 30 elliptical and 30 min strength training sesh. Taking the kiddos to their first swim lessons of the season at Peter’s Pond. Both did great—> sand castles and even some water action by Alex :) A lazy, relaxing afternoon with Sumo and Lilly. Sumo continues to eat more each day :)

7/10/18- Sumo’s vet visit— being placed on a 2nd seizure medication. A lazy afternoon around the house with the pups.

7/11/18- 11 mi run @ canal before work. Meeting with manager to discuss my Letter of Reprimand. Here, I mention my documented learning disability for the first time at a place of employment since leaving active duty Navy.

7/12/18- 37 mi bike ride @ canal before work—> stripers being pulled out of the water left and right. Meeting with my union rep re Letter of Reprimand. Meeting my new high school cross country client R and his family… a great first training session along rolling hills of Bayberry Hills Golf Course.

7/13/18- Speaking with the doctor who tested me for learning disabilities in 2008. Building my army of support.

7/14/18- Breather time @ work… relatively quiet for a Sat in the summer time. Organized and reviewed my notes and itinerary for September’s trip to Europe.