Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 6)

6/16/18- A beautiful 11 mi beach run (saw a seal pup sunbathing on the sand :), following by returning to my Xterra with a MIL light on (malfunction indicator light). FML. Thankful for the sun and good run…

6/17/18- 31 mi tired miles on the bike @ canal before work, but I got them done on less than 3 hours of sleep… Prepping for Norwich film crew, despite car problems. Ahhhhh…..!!!!

6/18/18- Motivating 30 min strength training and 30 min on the elliptical, followed by an unfortunate Xterra drop off at Nissan dealership (MIL). Blessed for Norwich camera crew at WellStrong for staging. Another 2 seizures for Sumo :(

6/19/18- Norwich filming.. twists and turns—> drama (wooooooh)

6/20/18- A rejuvenating 11 mi beach run, including the horse trail in the morning… Relaxing afternoon in the sun weeding my garden, cooking a Portuguese meal, and listening to Bruce :)

6/21/18- A therapeutic 30 min on the elliptical. A cute and memorable day with the kiddos at Heritage Museum and Gardens. A relaxing 1st day of summer with the fam (doggies) :)

6/22/18- Another coaching check in the mail—> money in the bank. Contracts are signed.

6/23/18- A very trying day at work, but still finding the energy to move forward: 6 foot inflatable raft in the canal, DIW sailboat, Water Safety Day, rebar safety issue at a parking lot, and mentally processing my manager’s “insubordination” email. Booked flights to Azores in Sept.

6/24/18- Booked hotels for Norwich Homecoming/Bicentennial Celebrations Sept 14-16 <3

6/25/18- First 2-hour in-person training session with my new client. Awkward SHARP (Sexual Harassment/Assaut Response Prevention) training at work, followed by a briefing re the possible turnover of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land at the canal to other federal agencies (what??). Updating my resume and cover letter.

6/26/18- 32 mi bike ride @ canal before work. Escorting “poison ivy spraying” contract crew around the canal. Got calls and errands done… boom.

6/27/18- 33 mi bike ride @ canal before work— WINDY— drafting off a fellow biker/complete stranger— Amen. Giving a free running consult to another complete stranger who asked about my Warrior Runners car decal. Full day of VA (Visitor Assistance, aka “combat training”) at work. Boxing class at night.

6/28/18- A motivating 30 min workout on the elliptical. An ok (reset kind of) shift at work- vacuuming patrol vehicles and more SHARP training. Booked my Paris excursions for Sept— Seine River dinner cruise and Moulin Rouge show :)

6/29/18- 3 hours of playing “Shopkins” with Alex in the morning. A healing therapy session at VA in the afternoon (aka cry purge), followed by a mental dump while running 11 mi along beach and dune trails. Thinking about my grandfather, Francisco, and his service onboard USS Trepang during WWII in the Pacific. Grateful to be alive.

6/30/18- An hour running/training session with three siblings in the morning— Warrior Runners t-shirts for all :) Sandwich Sailors Special Olympics pool party in the afternoon <3