Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 5)

6/1/18- 9.5 mi smooth run @ canal before work. 4.5 mi jog thru wooded trails in the evening. Total mileage: 14.0 mi

6/2/18- Meeting a friend for dinner and laughs

6/3/18- Grateful a coyote did not attack dogs and I at 0600 during our walk through the neighborhood. It took off after first approaching us, but I shouted and charged it.

6/4/18- Contributed to Bureau of Ocean Energy and Management (BOEM) public comment re Vineyard Wind :)

6/5/18- A slow (tired) 27 mi bike ride @ canal before work, but thankful for Springsteen’s voice…

6/6/18- 28 mi bike ride @ canal before work. During work, a short but lovely stroll in the sun along the jetty to pick up debris and fishermen’s trash.

6/7/18- Planted veggies in my garden with Alex in the morning, and a breath-taking drive along Falmouth Heights on my way to WellStrong for a good one-on-one strength training session with my client and friend A.

6/8/18- Getting errands done-> fortunate to have the time to regroup. Stopped by and said hi to my friend M at work.

6/9/18- Sunny, gorgeous Saturday to run 11 mi through the dune trails… So peaceful and needed.

6/10/18- A pretty, sunny, mild, and easy-breezy Sunday at work. Saw a deer in the woods thru my binos, got coaching contracts prepped, and consulted with client A.

6/11/18- Coyote encounter in early morning thru the neighborhood again… This time, my mom followed in her car and plowed towards it, but it ran into the woods. 29 mi bike ride @ canal before work- tired but thankful for mild conditions. Easy day at work. After work, mailed coaching packages with team shirts and contracts, and emailed VP of Alumni Relations re Norwich filming— a very good day <3

6/12/18- 30 mi bike ride @ canal before work… Sunny, but a bit breezy— introduced myself to stand up/out of the saddle riding into the wind (amazing cardio!!). U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Inspector General stopped by work to sit down and talk with us— good convo and progress in the right direction.

6/13/18- 10 mi run @ canal before work (running into a slight wind on the way back… felt pretty strong :) After work, completed another two invoices for coaching. 1st boxing class in the evening (the jab!!)!

6/14/18- Professional teeth whitening and bough new running sneakers. Took Dad out for his birthday dinner :)

6/15/18- Took a long, overdue nap on a cloudy, chilly day, followed by painting furniture (bringing them back to life) in the sun. A rare rest from cardio and strength training. :)