Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 4)

5/16/18- 8.0 mi run at canal before work @ lightning speed :) (8 x 1-mile repeats @ 7:20 pace, with 30 sec rests in between)

5/17/18- Grateful for the time off from work to use Disabled Veteran Leave and care for my therapy dog after his 2 seizures and falling down the stairs.

5/18/18- Inherited my grandfather’s old kitchen table chair (he was a big man, with an even bigger heart, and he required a big wooden chair <3

5/19/18- Ran to beach trail #5- a first in a long time :)

5/20/18- Drove an Army Colonel, Army General, and their small entourage around the canal and bridges.

5/22/18- Relayed a call from a park attendant of a boat dead in the water (DIW) in the canal to Marine Traffic Control (MTC) and the canal patrol boat crew. I was on scene within minutes ready to assist in recovery.

5/23/18- A damp, tired 23 mi bike ride @ canal on only 3.5 hours sleep… But, going to the movies with my sister the night before to watch “Life of the Party” was worth it. Sister Love.

5/23/18- Picked up my Xterra from the auto body shop: $500 deductible + $200 car rental= $700. $1000 Welcome Home Bonus - $700= $300 “profit”. Still trying to maintain some positivity… If there’s a Silver Lining—> NOBODY DIED!

5/24/18- Brought Alex to the canal to show him where I work :) Getting an email from Norwich University’s Vice President of Alumni Relations, asking for an interview as part of the school’s “Year of Distinction” video… EPIC.

5/26/18- 24 mi bike ride @ canal before work… much to think about.

5/27/18- “Revelation”: Alex’s inquiries, “What is a big number?” My response has always been “100… as in 100%” :)

5/28/18: 26 mi bike ride @ canal before work… cold drizzle :(

5/29/18- Renewing my Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) insurance for a potential client re Falmouth Road Race training… Right on.

5/30/18- A memorable day running the Special Olympics MA (SOMA) Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) @ canal (Sandwich/Bourne town line-> along canal-> over the Bourne Bridge-> ending on Main St, Buzzards Bay) with my Sandwich Sailors Special Olympics team, Bourne PD, and Barnstable Country Sheriff’s Dept, finishing at Mezza Luna restaurant for a celebratory feast!

5/31/18- 3 hours of playing “Shopkins” with Alex, followed by a 10.5 mi run on the beach in the warm sun :)