Reflections of a Weekend Warrior's 2018 (part 3)

5/1/18- Peaceful 7.5 mi beach run in the sun :)

5/2/18- While on evening patrol, I was the first emergency responder to a dirt bike accident on federal land. Town police and fire, followed by state environmental police, arrived shortly after. No critical injuries.

5/4/18- While on evening patrol, I was the first emergency responder to a disabled vehicle on the Sagamore Bridge. After notifying my chain of command, who then notified state police, a trooper arrived shortly after. Turns out there was a prior warrant on one of the gentlemen in the vehicle. MA State Police, you’re welcome.

5/5/18- While on evening patrol, I “assisted a runner in distress” as she was in the dark at the Sagamore Bridge and could not physically make it back to her vehicle 2 mi away. While escorting her back to the parking lot, I passed the canal patrol boat crew making their rounds east-end.

5/6/18- I contributed to online public comment for Vineyard Wind :)

5/7/18- Found a $20 bill by my car after grocery shopping! A good night besides the fire to vent and laugh.

5/9/18- A foggy, but eerily-cool 18 mile canal bike ride before work. Lunch with my friend R at the compound.

5/10/18- Listening to Bruce audiobook while riding 19 mi at the canal.

5/11/18- A “top of the world” kind of 7.5 mi run at the canal before work. Met with Sgt M re Special Olympics MA (SOMA) Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR).

5/12/18- Worked on Habitat Home application on a quiet, drizzly Sat night.

5/13/18- Got a flat in the work truck while on morning patrol along the side of the highway, but keeping it together like a champ… even after a dead battery shortly after. Grateful for my “angel” friend B for showing up to the rescue well ahead of the tow truck response :)

5/14/18- 20 mi canal bike ride listening to Bruce= bliss.

5/15/18- 21 mi windy/challenging but rewarding canal bike ride.