Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (Final)

12/16/18- Slept in until 0830. Ran a great 8 mi trail run. Errands (gas, bank, groceries). Reflection on progress over meal prepping and baking. Good walk with dogs in overcast, drizzly, but mild (40s) conditions. Movies with friend to watch “The Mule.”

12/17/18- Slept in until 0730. Another seizure for Tsunami—> “priority” vet visit. Long walk in the wagon through the campgrounds with the pups on a mild afternoon. Caught up on emails and such.

12/18/18- Slept in until 0730. Babysat (last yoga story time of the year and a trip to the Cape Cod Mall’s arcade— taught Alex air hockey). 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training. Updated profile on USAJOBS.

12/19/18- Slept in by accident until 0710. 35 min bike trainer. Work @ Forte Fitness. Revisit by client C needing assistance with running portion of Navy SEAL PST.

12/20/18- 40 min bike trainer and 30 min strength training. Work @ Forte Fitness (introduced my Ninja Warrior obstacle course). Intro to Ninja Warrior obstacles at Cape Cod Gymnastics with Forte staff. Meal prep “cook off.”

12/21/18- Slept in until 0715. 8 mi “hills”. Offered words of advice to a friend. Tanned before work. Work @ Forte (quiet, low numbers before the holiday). Activated new phone.

12/22/18- Slept in until 0800. 8-9 mi beach run (flooded marsh, so ran dunes and horse trail). Short dog walk in woods. Work online (emails, training plans) while decompressing.

12/23/18- Slept in until 0730. 9 mi “convo pace” run with clients A and J at Cape Cod Rail Trail in Orleans. Long dog walk in woods. The Outback on my mind…

12/24/18- Slept in until 0730. Chores (dog baths, bathrooms cleaned, laundry). 30 min PT exercise/stretches and 30 min strength training. Rest with pups in evening.

12/25/18- Slept in until 0730. Dramatic day at home. Missed entire Christmas dinner by going for 8 mi run thru wooded trails. Long dog walk in woods.

12/26/18- Slept in until 0730. Long cry and nap. Errands with Lilly dog. 45 min bike trainer and 30 min strength training. Bed early.

12/27/18- Slept in until 0730. Meals prep #1. 26 min elliptical/4 min MaxiClimber. Movies with Dad to watch “They Shall Not Grow Old” at Cape Cod Mall. Long dog walk through woods and neighborhood. Meals prep #2. Online work (training plans). Meals prep #3.

12/28/18- Fabulous beach and woods trail run (untimed/unmapped) with high school client J. Meeting @ Forte Fitness. Errands in Hyannis.

12/29/18- Early wake up at 0530. VETRN class. 6 mi canal run with potential client R in mild (50s) temps and coffee afterwards to discuss marathon training. Caught up on emails.

12/30/18- Slept in until 0730. Chores (vacuumed, laundry). Another fab trails (Scorton Creek) and neighborhood run with client J in mild (40s) temps. Errands (bank, groceries, CVS, library). Meal prepped. Brainstormed business three year plan during last Pats game of the regular season. Productive Sunday.

12/31/18- Slept in until 0830. Business “financial analysis” all day. Reflecting on the year ( and announcement of Warren’s run for presidency 2020 (