Reflections of a Weekend Warrior's 2018 (part 2)

4/16/18- Attended the Bureau of Ocean Energy and Management (BOEM) meeting in New Bedford for the Vineyard Wind Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

4/17/18- Ran 8 mi at the canal before work. During work, watched the procession for Officer Gannon drive by.

4/18/18- A great day at Heritage Museum and Gardens with the kiddos. (The sun made an appearance :)

4/19/18- A rainy day inside playing with the kiddos.

4/20/18- A lovely, memorable 14 mi bike ride at the canal before work— the first of many.

4/21/18- A sunny, windless day at the canal for Canal Clean Up.

4/22/18- Started my garden from seed on a sunny, warm Earth Day.

4/23/18- A peaceful 5 mi run at the canal before work, a great therapy session at the VA, and finding a bright white balloon at the beach to run with for 4 miles.

4/24/18- Nature hiking with Alex. Booked Paris and London hotels for Sept :)

4/25/18- Met up with my best friend, E, from Norwich at The Cove Restaurant in Battleship Cove.

4/26/18- Played in the yard with Alex, followed by chalk artwork in the garage.

4/27/18- A relaxing 7.5 mi trail run, followed by a much needed haircut (thank you sis).

4/28/18- Started my application for the MA Welcome Home Bonus (8 years since leaving active duty).

4/29/18- Smiles all around at the Sandwich Sailors Special Olympics track & field practice at Riverview School.

4/30/18- Bonded over a strength training session with clients at WellStrong in the morning. Laughs/understanding while watching “I, Tonya” with a friend in the evening.