Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 13)

10/16/18- 3 mi neighborhood run with client S, dressed as Pocahontas. Babysat (talkative Alex while playing Legos all morning). Chores (finally vacuuming) and nap (much needed). 30 min bike trainer. Sox playoffs—> WIN!

10/17/18- Abbreviated 15 min strength training and 15 min elliptical. Boxing class @ Forte. Work (mitt/pad work continues :). 15 min strength training and 15 min elliptical. Boxing class @ Pro-Elite. Schoolwork at night.

10/18/18- Meeting my dear friend for coffee to discuss my big vision business idea (To Be Continued…). Babysat (story time at the library). Errands around town. 45 min bike trainer. Friend over for dinner.

10/19/18- Boxing class @ Forte with client S. Cleaning job. 15 min strength training. Work in the afternoon (broke a client’s fall). 20 min bike trainer. Mild, calm, moonlit walk with dogs in the evening.

10/20/18- VETRN class @ Dean College on a perfect Fall day. Afternoon walk through Woods at Talbot Point with friend and dogs (mild, no wind, sunny)

10/21/18- 9 mi run, dressed as the teenage witch, with client A @ Duxbury State Beach in gale force winds to the lighthouse and back (pitstop to poop in the woods- runner’s worst nightmare with no facilities- but I always come prepared with baby wipes…). Schoolwork in the afternoon and reflecting on the big vision for my business.

10/22/18- Boxing class @ Forte Fitness with client S. 30 min strength training and 30 min elliptical. Work in the afternoon (finally getting a hang of this mitt/pad work thing). Schoolwork in the evening.

10/23/18- Pure exhaustion. Babysat (built a fort, played Hot Wheels, story time at library….Alex: “The Red Sox won the big race. Me: “Yes they did; now it’s time for the next big race.”). Chores around the house and errands around town. Babysat in the evening. Watching Red Sox World Series Game 1 while completing WITS Level 2 personal trainer re-certification online course :)

10/24/18- Red Sox Nation. Game 1 win in the books. Motivating 30 min elliptical. Boxing class @ Forte Fitness. Work (good mitt/pad work with RSB clients). Red Sox World Series Game 2.

10/25/18- Feeling strong. Slept in by accident (forgot to set alarm) until 0700. Babysat (Halloween-themed story time at library :) Chores and errands. 5 mi trail run with client B, dressed as a land shark. Motivating 20 min bike trainer and 20 min strength training. The grind of schoolwork continues.

10/26/18- Early morning beach run with client S, dressed as a Viking warrior. 20 min bike trainer and 30 min strength training. Work (caught another RSB client’s fall). Dinner with friend. Red Sox World Series Game 3.

10/27/18- Slept in until 0830. Prepped marathon costume—> Mad Hatter Sox hat. Schoolwork- typed up business Growth Plan. 30 min physical therapy exercises and stretches and 30 min strength training. Race prep. Carbo load. Movie binge.

10/28/18- Cape Cod Marathon with client B. Finish time 4:28!!. Nap. Red Sox World Series Game 4… :)

10/29/18- 3 hours sleep. Babysat (building planes out of Leggos during a tornado warning… Alex: “I’m nervous…”). 4 mi trail walk with client B. Work (RSB client getting teary-eyed on me as we practiced mitt/pad work :( Pats win. Schoolwork in the evening.

10/30/18- 30 min strength training. Boxing class @ Forte Fitness. Errands. Babysat (story time at library). Photoshoot (finally) with the pups. Early birthday carrot cake. Halloween costume and decorations final prep :)

10/31/18- Boxing class @ Forte Fitness, dressed as Wonder Woman. Errands around Hyannis. Work (coaches in Halloween costume :) Out to Sam Diego’s for Halloween costume party with friend, dressed as Deputy Grimes (from The Walking Dead); my friend was Hulk/a green “walker.” :)