Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 12)

10/1/18- Free initial boxing class @ Forte Fitness with client S. 21 mi training run with client B @ Shining Sea Bike Path, dressed as Wonder Woman, in the drizzle/steady rain… Client B hit the “wall” at mi 18… I buddy/fireman carried him towards the end… I’m not kidding ;) Offered the job at Forte Fitness as a Rock Steady Boxing (RBS) coach :))

10/2/18- Agility class @ Compass Athletics (no show client B). Babysat (last day at Heritage Museum and Gardens for the season :( Errands and chores. WITS online Level 2 personal trainer re-certification/renewal continues. Feeling so tired but accomplished.

10/3/18- Slept in until 0730 (say what?!). 30 min strength training and 45 min bike trainer. First meeting with my VETRN mentor T in Norwell. First meeting with my new boss in Hyannis.

10/5/18- Slept in until 0730. Solid 30 min strength training and 30 min elliptical. Babysat (visit to horse farm to feed them carrots, story time at the library). Drove to Home Plate in Taunton to meet my mentoring group, but nobody else showed :( Relaxing fire at night to destress…

10/6/18- Huge coyote in backyard sitting on all fours, glaring at my dogs while they’re barking their heads off, sheltered under the porch (which is fenced off). I opened the door and charged at it like a mad woman (nothing to protect myself), screaming. It got up and ran a short distance to the edge of the yard, stopped, and looked back at me. I charged it again screaming “Get out of here!!!”, and it ran into the street. I charged at it a third time still screaming, and it finally ran away down the street. Running late for class, I sped to Dean College.

10/7/18- Motivating 7 mi run, dressed as Harry Potter, with client A at Duxbury State Beach. Garden harvest. Nap on a cloudy afternoon. Met a friend for dinner. Schoolwork at night.

10/8/18- Boxing class #2 at Forte Fitness with client S. Motivating 30 min strength training and 30 min elliptical. Schoolwork. First day of work at Forte Fitness :) Spending time with the pups in the evening.

10/9/18- 30 min physical therapy exercises. Babysat (story time at the library, Alex’s first drive through a car wash in my new truck :) Evening run and dinner in Osterville with client B to discuss upcoming taper and marathon.

10/10/18- Early beach run with client S. 30 min strength training. Boxing class. Work shift #2 and meeting new Parkinson’s clients at RSB :) Errands. Prep work for photoshoot with dogs.

10/11/18- Alarm goes off at 0430. No reply text from client B. Snooze button. 30 min strength training and 30 min elliptical. Babysat (story time at the library). No photoshoot (heavy rain and t-storms in the forecast). Dogs are exhausted anyway. Playing catch-up on schoolwork.

10/12/18- Early morning 30 min strength training and 45 min bike trainer. Packing. Work @ Forte in the afternoon. Drive to Boston to meet friend for Florence and the Machine concert.

10/13/18- Early morning fire alarm at the Liberty Hotel. Can’t fall back to sleep, so I left early and had my first coaching session with high school client H. Much needed nap in the afternoon. First WellStrong meeting with sis.

10/14/18- Solid run with clients J and B, then additional miles with B, at Cape Cod Rail Trail bike path in Orleans, dressed as a devilish vampire. Total mileage 17 mi.

10/15/18- Slept in until 0830!! Cancelled photoshoot (too tired from previous day’s run, but a good tired). Chores/errands done slowly… Short 15 min strength training. Work in the afternoon (intro to mitt/pad work:)