Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 10)

8/16/18- Helping the kiddos build their first indoor fort with chairs, sheets, and blankets. They labeled it, “Best Stephanie day ever.” Oh my heart. Solid therapy appt @ VA in the afternoon.

8/17/18- Motivating 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training before work. Duty patrol… I was on fire. When I got home, dad was cooking lamb steaks, and I took the dogs for a long walk.

8/18/18- Slept in. Met potential client B for free in-person consult. He mentioned he had a 15-mi training run later that day, and I told him I was actually thinking about running the same distance later in the day. We agreed to meet up for a run later on. After returning from a vet visit with Tsunami mid-Cape, I ran by B’s house, and we took off for 15 miles of road, trails, woods, rain, shower, thunderstorms (the gauntlet… probably should have checked the weather forecast beforehand ;)

8/19/18- 5.5 mi run with client A @ canal. Getting a call from potential client B that he’d like to hire me as his coach. Time to prep a contract and invoice.

8/20/18- Motivating 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training. A successful interview at Cape Cod Community College for assistant teacher in the Project Forward department. Went shopping in Hyannis on a rainy afternoon. Home to rest and start organizing for Europe.

8/21/18- Agility class with client B at Compass Athletics 0515-0630. Conducting surveys at recreation sites during work. Drafting contracts and invoices for my potential clients J and S.

8/22/18- Called out sick for a mental health day. Gave the dogs baths and cleaned the house. Watched the preview of Norwich University’s “Year of Distinction” (YOD) video… so good :) 8.0 mi hill workout training sesh with client B along the Service Rd.

8/23/18- Called out sick (leave without pay). A motivating 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training. Grocery shopped and meal prepped. Wrote training plans for clients B, A, and J.

8/24/18- Debut of “Year of Distinction” video to Norwich faculty and staff :)

8/25/18- Agility class with client B at Compass Athletics 0515-0630. Work at Visitor Center (in uniform skirt :) Emailing friends and relatives the “YOD” video during a full foggy moon…

8/26/18- 6 mi uplifting/positive run @ canal with client A, followed by a 13 mi solid run @ canal with client B and brunch at Fishermen’s View after to discuss upcoming race and “skeleton outline” training plan.

8/27/18- Too sore for cardio. 30 min strength training only. Last day of the season at work. Pizza and movies at Mashpee Commons with friend to see “Alpha.” Orange full, gorgeous moon on drive home.

8/28/18- Agility class with client B- slow and tired. Took a brief but sweet nap, then got shit done (groceries, library, convinced a high school cross-country runner raffling for his team to research ROTC). 4.5 mi run with client B (last minute). Planning to take tomorrow by storm.

8/29/18- Motivating 30 min strength training. Free in-person consult with potential client S. Chores. 8 mi trail/woods run with client B. Meal prep and started to pack. Mentally processing my mom’s recent visit to Sandwich PD and a relative’s health emergency.

8/30/18- Much needed sleeping in. 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training (feel new again). Packing with music blaring. Last minute preps around the house. Out to dinner with a friend.

8/31/18- Brief 30 min training session with new client S. Last minute errands around town and chores around the house (including installation of new AC… A Sears end-of-season bargain). Short run with client B. Driving to Massachusetts Maritime Academy to watch my younger cousin M compete in his company’s parade and marching drills competition :) The tradition of military service in the Thompson family continues… :)