Reflections of a Weekend Warrior's 2018 (part 1)

The day I chose to put onto paper my thoughts of daily gratitude was March 28, 2018. What happened next was divine intervention:

3/28/18- Received an “Access Code” for “Springsteen on Broadway” (after two failed attempts) and got tickets for the Sat Nov 10, 2018 show :) <3

3/30/18- Handed a paper copy of my Marine Science thesis to the project manager at Vineyard Wind. Had a great therapy session at the VA.

3/31/18- While on patrol at the canal, I assisted an older gentleman who had a medical condition on the rip rap rocks while fishing.

3/31/18- Received an email notification from MA DUA re the approval of my unemployment claim (made 20 weeks ago!!) and retroactive pay.

4/1/18- Finished yard spring cleanup (leaves, twigs, mulch, garden beds) just in time for next round of blanket of snow (1-2”). Happy Easter and April Fool’s!

4/2/18- Bought 50% off Easter candy @ CVS and 75% off rack of lamb at Stop ‘n Shop :) Yummy!

4/3/18- Getting excited for “Springsteen on Broadway”-> downloaded the “Born to Run” audiobook for bike training this summer at the canal :)

4/4-18- Breaking down in tears of frustration on the phone with vet and CVS regarding Sumo’s Rx refill, but finally spoke with someone who actually helped.

4/5/18- Spring cleaned the house on Red Sox Opening Day :)

4/6/18- Led my first strength training “event” at WellStrong. 2 members in attendance :)

4/8/18- Getting into a fender bender but being grateful no one was hurt and minimal damage was done. Praise the Lord.

4/9/18- Remembering the life and legacy of my Vavoa (grandmother), Beatrice Souza <3

4/10/18- Meeting up with a good friend for dinner and drinks to vent and encourage each other. Go J at Cape Cod Ragnar!!

4/11/18- Met Nate from Vineyard Wind to discuss offshore wind energy in New England and test drove a Toyota Forerunner. Vroom…

4/12/18- Enjoyed a nice sunny spring day with only one layer of pants :)

4/13/18 (Friday)- Read the “DREAM BIG: A TRUE STORY OF COURAGE AND DETERMINATION” children’s book and found myself in tears… so good <3

4/14/18- A great day at Special Olympics Massachusetts’ “Coaches’ College” at Shrewsbury High School.