My Next Marathon Story Part 2

The build-up continues, laying down a solid foundation of miles on the bike and beach trails to strengthen my legs/building the muscles above my knees, following physical therapy Spring 2017.  Still integrating PT exercises, elliptical and strength training into my weekly training program, I notice the difference in my runs on pavement.  I feel lighter and faster on my feet, and the improved mechanics of running (gait) makes “going through the motions” easier.

Increasing mileage equals one thing== waking up at dawn.  In order to log the 30+ miles on the bike before work, there’s no other way around it.  If the workout doesn’t get done in the a.m., it most likely will not happen at all that day, given my hectic (sometimes crazy) work and personal life schedule.  But… I’m living proof that it CAN get done.  The lesson here is: We give attention to what we value.  Fitness, Health, and Well-being= Personal Freedom.

Got questions about your own training goals and training?  Ask away!! 

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6/29 11 mi beach trail run

6/27 33 mi bike ride

6/26 32 mi bike ride

6/20 11 mi beach trail run

6/17 31 mi bike ride

6/16 11 mi beach trail run

6/13 10 mi road run

6/12 30 mi bike ride

6/11 29 mi bike ride

6/9  11 mi beach trail run

6/6  28 mi bike ride

6/5 27 mi bike ride

6/1 9.5 mi road run