My Next Marathon Story...

It was a cold, rough winter, and I spent most of my training days on the treadmill, elliptical, and bike trainer.  But, I made some great strides in improving my 5K and 10K speeds.  By April, I decided to register for my next marathon-- a distance I have not raced in since completing my 50th state in Oct 2016.  

Training began April 15, and since then I've incorporated biking and trail running into the plan.  The miles logged have progressively increased.  Thankfully the days are getting longer, and daylight is earlier and earlier for a few more weeks.  My alarm goes off accordingly-- now it's 0330 (3:30 a.m.).  The following is a general recap of my April and May work outs; it doesn't include all bike rides, runs, elliptical, or strength training.  Typically, I log cardio 5-6 x per week and strength training 4-5 x per week.  That equals 2 workouts  per day.

Follow future workouts on Instagram @Stephanie.Warrior.Runner.  Any questions about your own training, feel free to ask me!

5/31 10.5 mi beach trail run

5/28 26 mi bike ride

5/26 24 mi bike ride

5/19 11 mi beach trail run

5/16 8 mi road run

5/15 21 mi bike ride

5/14 20 mi bike ride

5/11 7.5 mi road run

5/10 19 mi bike ride

5/9  18 mi bike ride

5/1  7.5 mi beach trail run

4/27 7.5 mi beach trail run

4/23  5 mi road run

4/20  14 mi bike ride

4/17  8 mi road run