Sandwich Turkey Trot 5K

There is much to be thankful for this year, and Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to give back. I ran the famous Sandwich Turkey Trot 5K 8 a.m. during the “coldest Thanksgiving on record” with a client. Dressed as the B.A.A. mascot (the unicorn) in 5 thin layers, it was quickly apparent at the start of the race that I was overdressed. I felt like I was back in the Caribbean running 5Ks on several islands, where even in February the humidity is so intense that breathing is nearly impossible for the ill-adjusted. For anyone who’s never been to the Tropics (or the Persian Gulf in August for that matter), it feels like trying to take deep breaths in a sauna with the temperature turned way up. LoL. Real world problems for the professional athlete… The lesson learned here is: train like you race, and if Life (Mother Nature) throws you a curve ball, just roll with the punches.

BTW, Sebastien and I ran at a respectable average pace of 8:20. Way to go us :) The beach training is paying off!