Marathon Continent #6 A Huge Success!

Bonjour fellow Warrior Runners!!! I am very pleased to report that my marathon continent #6 through the dozens of vineyards in Bordeaux, France was an amazing celebration of life and accomplishment. Where everyone dressed in costume (I went as Wonder Woman), there was wine straight from the local vineyards being served at 21 “wine stations” along the course. Everyone was so happy and friendly that I can easily say, hands down, that this was the most fun I’ve ever had running a marathon. To top it all off (icing on the cake), the wine was amazing AND energizing. I felt great, and actually finished feeling strong and fast (Can we say negative splits?!) The race is called Marathon du Medoc, and I encourage seasoned long-distance runners looking for a destination run to seriously consider this trip. I booked with Marathon Tours and Travel out of Boston, and the staff is so helpful and responsive. Thom, the owner, who was on this particular trip, is as fun-loving as he is organized— the ying and yang of a good tour group operator. Salut to that “joie de vivre!”

Here are my results:

Finish Time: 4:59:28

Position: 1037/7961

Category Position: 82/942

Women Position: 218/2454

My Next Marathon Story Part 4

August was a month of unexpected twists and turns, but through it all things worked out in the end.  Where a door closed, a few windows opened.  The end of my seasonal job allowed me the time to take on new clients for my business Warrior Runners.  These clients are all training for the marathon distance, which works out perfectly for me, because my next marathon continent is Sept 8 in Bordeaux, France--- a costume race where wine is served the entire way through the vineyards.  I'm beyond excited for my trip, for the race, and for everything else I have to look forward to this Fall, Winter, and New Year...  It's going to be HUGE! 

8/31 6.5 mi trail and road run with client

8/29 8.0 mi trail and road run with client

8/26 6.0 mi road run with client #1 & 13.0 mi run with client #2

8/24 11.0 mi beach run (solo)

8/22 8.0 mi road run with client

8/19 5.5 mi road run with client

8/18 15.5 mi trail run with client

8/14 5.5 mi road run with client

8/10 14.0 mi road run (solo)

8/7 4.0 mi road run with client

8/6 41.0 mi bike ride

8/5 11.5 beach run

8/3 13.5 mi road run (solo)

Norwich University "Year of Distinction"

My alma mater, Norwich University, turns 200 in 2019!!!  The Vice-President of Alumni Relations, Diane Scolaro, contacted me in May, asking if I'd be interested in being a part of the film being created. I immediately responded that it would be an honor and a privilege.

"Year of Distinction" features 5 alumni, and I am so happy with the way it turned out.  Below is the link to the draft version.  I hope to publish the final version soon.

Homecoming Weekend and Bicentennial Celebrations are Sept 13-16, 2018.  I look forward to attending as an "honorary guest."

I am blessed...

Essayons!!! Norwich Forever!

My Next Marathon Story Part 3

July was an emotionally-charged and trying/taxing month... Many days I did not want to work out.  But I mustered the intestinal fortitude to continue the routine I've established for myself of waking up early and seizing the day.  Carpe Diem. Adapt and Overcome.  Be grateful.  Believe.

Follow my current workouts on Instagram @Stephanie.Warrior.Runner.  “Commit.  Challenge.  Compete.”


7/31 40 mi bike ride

7/29 15 mi road and woods run

7/27 39 mi bike ride

7/26 12 mi beach trail run

7/24 12.5 mi road run

7/20 38 mi bike ride

7/19  13.75 mi beach trail run

7/18  12 mi road run

7/12  37 mi bike ride

7/11   11 mi road run

7/8   36 mi bike ride

7/7   11.5 mi beach trail run

7/3   35 mi bike ride

7/1    34 mi bike ride

My Next Marathon Story Part 2

The build-up continues, laying down a solid foundation of miles on the bike and beach trails to strengthen my legs/building the muscles above my knees, following physical therapy Spring 2017.  Still integrating PT exercises, elliptical and strength training into my weekly training program, I notice the difference in my runs on pavement.  I feel lighter and faster on my feet, and the improved mechanics of running (gait) makes “going through the motions” easier.

Increasing mileage equals one thing== waking up at dawn.  In order to log the 30+ miles on the bike before work, there’s no other way around it.  If the workout doesn’t get done in the a.m., it most likely will not happen at all that day, given my hectic (sometimes crazy) work and personal life schedule.  But… I’m living proof that it CAN get done.  The lesson here is: We give attention to what we value.  Fitness, Health, and Well-being= Personal Freedom.

Got questions about your own training goals and training?  Ask away!! 

Follow my current workouts on Instagram @Stephanie.Warrior.Runner.  “Commit.  Challenge.  Compete.”


6/29 11 mi beach trail run

6/27 33 mi bike ride

6/26 32 mi bike ride

6/20 11 mi beach trail run

6/17 31 mi bike ride

6/16 11 mi beach trail run

6/13 10 mi road run

6/12 30 mi bike ride

6/11 29 mi bike ride

6/9  11 mi beach trail run

6/6  28 mi bike ride

6/5 27 mi bike ride

6/1 9.5 mi road run

My Next Marathon Story...

It was a cold, rough winter, and I spent most of my training days on the treadmill, elliptical, and bike trainer.  But, I made some great strides in improving my 5K and 10K speeds.  By April, I decided to register for my next marathon-- a distance I have not raced in since completing my 50th state in Oct 2016.  

Training began April 15, and since then I've incorporated biking and trail running into the plan.  The miles logged have progressively increased.  Thankfully the days are getting longer, and daylight is earlier and earlier for a few more weeks.  My alarm goes off accordingly-- now it's 0330 (3:30 a.m.).  The following is a general recap of my April and May work outs; it doesn't include all bike rides, runs, elliptical, or strength training.  Typically, I log cardio 5-6 x per week and strength training 4-5 x per week.  That equals 2 workouts  per day.

Follow future workouts on Instagram @Stephanie.Warrior.Runner.  Any questions about your own training, feel free to ask me!

5/31 10.5 mi beach trail run

5/28 26 mi bike ride

5/26 24 mi bike ride

5/19 11 mi beach trail run

5/16 8 mi road run

5/15 21 mi bike ride

5/14 20 mi bike ride

5/11 7.5 mi road run

5/10 19 mi bike ride

5/9  18 mi bike ride

5/1  7.5 mi beach trail run

4/27 7.5 mi beach trail run

4/23  5 mi road run

4/20  14 mi bike ride

4/17  8 mi road run


Wednesday Night Fun Run Dec 27, 2017

Hello Warrior Runners! I hope you all had a festive and memorable holiday season!!  I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and safe new year!!!  2018 is going to be awesome...

I am sad to announce that the Wed Night 4-mile Canal Fun Runs have been retired.  It was a remarkable 2017 to host this group run every week.  Thank you to all who participated.  

In the new year, I am leading strength training classes at the gym WellStrong in East Falmouth for those in recovery from addiction.  Also, I am coaching sports for the Special Olympics team, Sandwich Sailors.  

Please feel free to follow me at Warrior Runners on Facebook and @stephanie.warrior.runner on Instagram.  

Peace and Happiness!

~Coach T

Wednesday Night Fun Run Dec 20, 2017

Well here we are-- in the shortest days of the year.  Happy Winter everybody!  Though it gets colder and snowier for a few months, at least we will regain our daylight hours minute by minute each day.  

This evening's run was brisk, but at least there was no wind.  The sky was clear and starry, with a nice sliver of moon.  Bundled in layers, I used the cold weather as an excuse to run slower and enjoy the light decorations on the houses all along the canal :)

I wish you all a very happy holiday season.  See you next week!

Steph T.  31:43

Wednesday Night Fun Run Dec 6, 2017

Welcome to December!  Weather-wise, it was a pretty decent day once the rain stopped.  This evening's canal fun run was 39 degrees, with a real feel of 44 and minimal winds.  Not bad at all.  I felt good...  Great if I ran just 2 sec faster.  So it goes.  ;)  As the days continue to get shorter and colder, I'm sending positive, warm vibes to everyone.  Cheers!!!

Steph T.  30:01

Wednesday Night Fun Run Nov 22, 2017

Unpleasant, cold rain and wind tonight.  With no takers to join me and an early morning wake up for the Turkey Trot 5K, I decided to jog one mile instead of the full four tonight.  I'm hoping for a decent finish time tomorrow, despite the forecasted Brrrrr temps.  I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving in the company of friends and family :)  See you next Wed, Nov 29.

Steph T.  7:45


Wednesday Night Fun Run Nov 8, 2017

November's cold weather is finally here, and we're plunged into darkness once again with Daylight Savings.  Before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us...

This evening's run was chilly but not too bad.  Thankfully, winds were at a minimal.  It was great to see new faces.  

As a heads up, I will not be able to lead the canal fun run next Wed, Nov 15.  I'll be on a much needed getaway trip to California.  We'll pick back up Wed Nov 22.  Enjoy your November.  Brrrr.  Stay warm!  :)

Tyler M.  33:30

Devon O.  33:30

Chris M.  33:30

Steph T.  33:30

Wednesday Night Fun Run Nov 1, 2017

Happy Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos).  I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween :)  Unfortunately, I was not able to lead this evening's canal run.  The cross country team I coach at Sandwich STEM Academy had its final All Cape meet in Yarmouth, and I wasn't able to make it back in time.  But the great news is that Sandwich represented well, and every student-athlete ran with heart and determination.  My top boys finished 1st, 2nd, and 6th in their race of about 100 runners, and my one girl placed 3rd in her race of about 100 runners.  I am one proud coach!!!  

I will return to the canal for the Wed night fun run next week, Nov 8.  I hope to see you there!

Wednesday Night Fun Run Oct 18, 2018

It was a sunny, warm, minimal wind kind-of Fall day...  So nice out, that I ran in the morning and again this evening for the canal fun run.  Needless to say, my legs are tired and I had no kick at the end...  With the Baystate Half Marathon this weekend, I think I'll take the next three days off from running and focus on rest and recovery.  I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather while it lasts.  Cheers!

Steph T.  30:10


Wednesday Night Fun Run Oct 11, 2017

It was a great Autumn day today... Cooler with a breeze and sunny.  At the canal, winds were steadier, as usual, compared inland, which made for a slight challenge on the return leg of the fun run.  But all in all- a fantastic day... Hard to believe it's almost mid-Oct.  My favorite time of year, and it's flying by.  Enjoy the Halloween spooktacular festivities.  :)

Steph T.  29:56