Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 14)

11/1/18- Babysat (story time at library and a walk along the boardwalk on a gorgeous day). Took down Halloween decorations :( Bought 50% off Halloween candy.

11/2/18- Slept through alarm by accident and missed boxing class with client S :( Great meeting with mentor T @ Crossroads Café in Hanover. Took advantage of the 50% off costumes at Spirit Halloween ;) Work in the afternoon (a Parkinson’s client shared his experience seeing “moving figures” on a nightly basis). Took the evening to decompress, recharge, and reset.

11/3/18- VETRN class (financial analysis is my arch nemesis). With a heavy heart, I put Halloween decorations back into their boxes and bags in the basement. 30 min strength training (+ speed bag work) and 45 min bike trainer.

11/4/18- Amazing 11.7 mi Fall run around Sandwich with client A, dressed as the Cheshire Cat. Chores around the house by afternoon. 30 min PT. Going crazy over business financial analysis. Go Pats!

11/5/18- My 35th birthday. Motivating 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training. Errands around town. RSB client J talking about “fighting back” <3 Dinner with dad and sis :)

11/6/18- Boxing class @ Forte with client S. Babysat the kiddos (Legos and gymnastics at Gymport). Meeting with founder of WellStrong to discuss Letter of Inquiry application to B.A.A. for a slot as official charity of Boston Marathon 2020. Dinner with friend.

11/7/18- 45 min bike trainer bliss. Boxing class @ Forte. Pouring over Excel spreadsheet for financial analysis.

11/8/18- 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training. Babysat (story time at library). Meal prep. 3 mi run with client H around field and trails of Sandwich High School (spotted a coyote, picked up some ticks).

11/9/18- 8 mi trail run on my own (felt good on the hills). Errands. Pampered myself with a pedicure. Work in the afternoon (feeling rushed). Time to pack.

11/10-11/11/18- Drove to Providence and took train to NYC with friend. “Springsteen on Broadway” show was well worth the wait and anticipation for 7 1/2 months. Nirvana.

11/12/18- Happy Veterans Day… Thank you servicemembers, present and past, for your service. 35 min bike trainer and 20 min strength training. Track training session with client H. Work in a daze. Sandwich Sailors Special Olympics pizza party at American Legion in Sandwich. Registered for Martha’s Vineyard 20 miler with client J (race is Feb 16).

11/13/18- Slept through alarm again by accident and missed boxing class with client S. Babysat (yoga story time and story time at library). 5 mi run with client B, then continuing on another 6 mi on my own). A good tired.

11/15/18- Beach run with client S. Babysat (Legos and Gymport). Photoshoot “reveal” with Cynthia Hovda Photography :) Dinner with friend at Anejos in Falmouth.

Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 13)

10/16/18- 3 mi neighborhood run with client S, dressed as Pocahontas. Babysat (talkative Alex while playing Legos all morning). Chores (finally vacuuming) and nap (much needed). 30 min bike trainer. Sox playoffs—> WIN!

10/17/18- Abbreviated 15 min strength training and 15 min elliptical. Boxing class @ Forte. Work (mitt/pad work continues :). 15 min strength training and 15 min elliptical. Boxing class @ Pro-Elite. Schoolwork at night.

10/18/18- Meeting my dear friend for coffee to discuss my big vision business idea (To Be Continued…). Babysat (story time at the library). Errands around town. 45 min bike trainer. Friend over for dinner.

10/19/18- Boxing class @ Forte with client S. Cleaning job. 15 min strength training. Work in the afternoon (broke a client’s fall). 20 min bike trainer. Mild, calm, moonlit walk with dogs in the evening.

10/20/18- VETRN class @ Dean College on a perfect Fall day. Afternoon walk through Woods at Talbot Point with friend and dogs (mild, no wind, sunny)

10/21/18- 9 mi run, dressed as the teenage witch, with client A @ Duxbury State Beach in gale force winds to the lighthouse and back (pitstop to poop in the woods- runner’s worst nightmare with no facilities- but I always come prepared with baby wipes…). Schoolwork in the afternoon and reflecting on the big vision for my business.

10/22/18- Boxing class @ Forte Fitness with client S. 30 min strength training and 30 min elliptical. Work in the afternoon (finally getting a hang of this mitt/pad work thing). Schoolwork in the evening.

10/23/18- Pure exhaustion. Babysat (built a fort, played Hot Wheels, story time at library….Alex: “The Red Sox won the big race. Me: “Yes they did; now it’s time for the next big race.”). Chores around the house and errands around town. Babysat in the evening. Watching Red Sox World Series Game 1 while completing WITS Level 2 personal trainer re-certification online course :)

10/24/18- Red Sox Nation. Game 1 win in the books. Motivating 30 min elliptical. Boxing class @ Forte Fitness. Work (good mitt/pad work with RSB clients). Red Sox World Series Game 2.

10/25/18- Feeling strong. Slept in by accident (forgot to set alarm) until 0700. Babysat (Halloween-themed story time at library :) Chores and errands. 5 mi trail run with client B, dressed as a land shark. Motivating 20 min bike trainer and 20 min strength training. The grind of schoolwork continues.

10/26/18- Early morning beach run with client S, dressed as a Viking warrior. 20 min bike trainer and 30 min strength training. Work (caught another RSB client’s fall). Dinner with friend. Red Sox World Series Game 3.

10/27/18- Slept in until 0830. Prepped marathon costume—> Mad Hatter Sox hat. Schoolwork- typed up business Growth Plan. 30 min physical therapy exercises and stretches and 30 min strength training. Race prep. Carbo load. Movie binge.

10/28/18- Cape Cod Marathon with client B. Finish time 4:28!!. Nap. Red Sox World Series Game 4… :)

10/29/18- 3 hours sleep. Babysat (building planes out of Leggos during a tornado warning… Alex: “I’m nervous…”). 4 mi trail walk with client B. Work (RSB client getting teary-eyed on me as we practiced mitt/pad work :( Pats win. Schoolwork in the evening.

10/30/18- 30 min strength training. Boxing class @ Forte Fitness. Errands. Babysat (story time at library). Photoshoot (finally) with the pups. Early birthday carrot cake. Halloween costume and decorations final prep :)

10/31/18- Boxing class @ Forte Fitness, dressed as Wonder Woman. Errands around Hyannis. Work (coaches in Halloween costume :) Out to Sam Diego’s for Halloween costume party with friend, dressed as Deputy Grimes (from The Walking Dead); my friend was Hulk/a green “walker.” :)

Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 12)

10/1/18- Free initial boxing class @ Forte Fitness with client S. 21 mi training run with client B @ Shining Sea Bike Path, dressed as Wonder Woman, in the drizzle/steady rain… Client B hit the “wall” at mi 18… I buddy/fireman carried him towards the end… I’m not kidding ;) Offered the job at Forte Fitness as a Rock Steady Boxing (RBS) coach :))

10/2/18- Agility class @ Compass Athletics (no show client B). Babysat (last day at Heritage Museum and Gardens for the season :( Errands and chores. WITS online Level 2 personal trainer re-certification/renewal continues. Feeling so tired but accomplished.

10/3/18- Slept in until 0730 (say what?!). 30 min strength training and 45 min bike trainer. First meeting with my VETRN mentor T in Norwell. First meeting with my new boss in Hyannis.

10/5/18- Slept in until 0730. Solid 30 min strength training and 30 min elliptical. Babysat (visit to horse farm to feed them carrots, story time at the library). Drove to Home Plate in Taunton to meet my mentoring group, but nobody else showed :( Relaxing fire at night to destress…

10/6/18- Huge coyote in backyard sitting on all fours, glaring at my dogs while they’re barking their heads off, sheltered under the porch (which is fenced off). I opened the door and charged at it like a mad woman (nothing to protect myself), screaming. It got up and ran a short distance to the edge of the yard, stopped, and looked back at me. I charged it again screaming “Get out of here!!!”, and it ran into the street. I charged at it a third time still screaming, and it finally ran away down the street. Running late for class, I sped to Dean College.

10/7/18- Motivating 7 mi run, dressed as Harry Potter, with client A at Duxbury State Beach. Garden harvest. Nap on a cloudy afternoon. Met a friend for dinner. Schoolwork at night.

10/8/18- Boxing class #2 at Forte Fitness with client S. Motivating 30 min strength training and 30 min elliptical. Schoolwork. First day of work at Forte Fitness :) Spending time with the pups in the evening.

10/9/18- 30 min physical therapy exercises. Babysat (story time at the library, Alex’s first drive through a car wash in my new truck :) Evening run and dinner in Osterville with client B to discuss upcoming taper and marathon.

10/10/18- Early beach run with client S. 30 min strength training. Boxing class. Work shift #2 and meeting new Parkinson’s clients at RSB :) Errands. Prep work for photoshoot with dogs.

10/11/18- Alarm goes off at 0430. No reply text from client B. Snooze button. 30 min strength training and 30 min elliptical. Babysat (story time at the library). No photoshoot (heavy rain and t-storms in the forecast). Dogs are exhausted anyway. Playing catch-up on schoolwork.

10/12/18- Early morning 30 min strength training and 45 min bike trainer. Packing. Work @ Forte in the afternoon. Drive to Boston to meet friend for Florence and the Machine concert.

10/13/18- Early morning fire alarm at the Liberty Hotel. Can’t fall back to sleep, so I left early and had my first coaching session with high school client H. Much needed nap in the afternoon. First WellStrong meeting with sis.

10/14/18- Solid run with clients J and B, then additional miles with B, at Cape Cod Rail Trail bike path in Orleans, dressed as a devilish vampire. Total mileage 17 mi.

10/15/18- Slept in until 0830!! Cancelled photoshoot (too tired from previous day’s run, but a good tired). Chores/errands done slowly… Short 15 min strength training. Work in the afternoon (intro to mitt/pad work:)

Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 11)

9/1/18- TIME TO FLY. Morning stretches. Packing and last minute preps. Lunch with friend at Mashpee Commons. Farewell to dogs (big Hugs and Kisses). XOXO

9/1-9/12/18- Azores-> Lisbon-> Paris-> Bordeaux-> London-> Stonehenge-> No Words Needed-> Only Memories and Good Stories

9/14-9/16/18- Home-> Norwich Homecoming/Bicentennial Kick Off with friend R-> No Words Needed-> Only Laughs, Good Memories, Good Stories.

9/17/18- Meeting Lee re VETRN class to discuss upcoming class. Meeting a friend in Orleans following an interview for a job picking up shit (no joke— Cape Cod Underdogs… laughing it off)

9/18/18-Bailed on client B for Agility class… jet lagged. Babysat on rainy day (fish hatchery-> Dunkin-> library-> playing trains at home). Lunch @ Drunken Seal with friend R. Nap. Readjusting to real life.

9/19/18- Slept in (slightly)-> 7.5 mi jog on beach with client B and brunch afterwards @ 6A Café. Catching up online. Boxing class (back in the ring)

9/20/18- Up early for Agility class with client B (core, stretches, strength training on my own). 30 min motivational min on elliptical, followed by 15 min on speed bag. Babysat (harvesting garden and story time @ Forestdale Discovery Center). Time spent with dogs (nap, playing in yard, dog baths).

9/21/18- Sleeping in after 11 hours on Nyquil (heavenly). Posting workout videos for Forte Fitness interview. Errands around town. 45 min on bike trainer. Catching up with client S.

9/22/18- Motivating 30 min physical therapy (PT). Great first day of VETRN class at Dean College. Dinner with friend.

9/23/18-Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod Charity Fundraiser bike ride along canal. $50,000 raised by 75 riders!! Meal prep in the afternoon.

9/24/18- Training session with client S 0530-0630. Schoolwork. Good therapy appt @ VA. 11.5 mi beach run (crossed a male deer twice on trail :) Dinner with friend. Anticipating shit hitting the fan end of the month-early Oct.

9/25/18- Agility class with client B. Cleaning, followed by babysitting (watching cranberry bog harvesting). Completing business recertification online. Free phone consult. More babysitting.

9/26/18- Run in rain on trails with S (3 mi). Schoolwork. Errands on rainy day (hard-charging). Run with client B (10.75 mi). More studying (getting stuff done).

9/28/18- Training session with client S 0530-0630 (sun rise COLORS :)(2-3 mi). Haircut from sis. Trail running with client B (5 mi). Taking stock of my Halloween costume inventory.

9/29/18- Time with sister <3 Interview at Forte Fitness. Trip to Spirit Halloween :) Inaugural Recovery Fest in RI with sis… Macklemore, Fitz & the Tantrums, and more.

9/30/18- Lone Gull 10K in Gloucester 10K (in costume— Warrior Princess :) on a BEAUTIFUL sunny, breezy fall morning. Prepping for boxing class and next client sessions.

Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 10)

8/16/18- Helping the kiddos build their first indoor fort with chairs, sheets, and blankets. They labeled it, “Best Stephanie day ever.” Oh my heart. Solid therapy appt @ VA in the afternoon.

8/17/18- Motivating 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training before work. Duty patrol… I was on fire. When I got home, dad was cooking lamb steaks, and I took the dogs for a long walk.

8/18/18- Slept in. Met potential client B for free in-person consult. He mentioned he had a 15-mi training run later that day, and I told him I was actually thinking about running the same distance later in the day. We agreed to meet up for a run later on. After returning from a vet visit with Tsunami mid-Cape, I ran by B’s house, and we took off for 15 miles of road, trails, woods, rain, shower, thunderstorms (the gauntlet… probably should have checked the weather forecast beforehand ;)

8/19/18- 5.5 mi run with client A @ canal. Getting a call from potential client B that he’d like to hire me as his coach. Time to prep a contract and invoice.

8/20/18- Motivating 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training. A successful interview at Cape Cod Community College for assistant teacher in the Project Forward department. Went shopping in Hyannis on a rainy afternoon. Home to rest and start organizing for Europe.

8/21/18- Agility class with client B at Compass Athletics 0515-0630. Conducting surveys at recreation sites during work. Drafting contracts and invoices for my potential clients J and S.

8/22/18- Called out sick for a mental health day. Gave the dogs baths and cleaned the house. Watched the preview of Norwich University’s “Year of Distinction” (YOD) video… so good :) 8.0 mi hill workout training sesh with client B along the Service Rd.

8/23/18- Called out sick (leave without pay). A motivating 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training. Grocery shopped and meal prepped. Wrote training plans for clients B, A, and J.

8/24/18- Debut of “Year of Distinction” video to Norwich faculty and staff :)

8/25/18- Agility class with client B at Compass Athletics 0515-0630. Work at Visitor Center (in uniform skirt :) Emailing friends and relatives the “YOD” video during a full foggy moon…

8/26/18- 6 mi uplifting/positive run @ canal with client A, followed by a 13 mi solid run @ canal with client B and brunch at Fishermen’s View after to discuss upcoming race and “skeleton outline” training plan.

8/27/18- Too sore for cardio. 30 min strength training only. Last day of the season at work. Pizza and movies at Mashpee Commons with friend to see “Alpha.” Orange full, gorgeous moon on drive home.

8/28/18- Agility class with client B- slow and tired. Took a brief but sweet nap, then got shit done (groceries, library, convinced a high school cross-country runner raffling for his team to research ROTC). 4.5 mi run with client B (last minute). Planning to take tomorrow by storm.

8/29/18- Motivating 30 min strength training. Free in-person consult with potential client S. Chores. 8 mi trail/woods run with client B. Meal prep and started to pack. Mentally processing my mom’s recent visit to Sandwich PD and a relative’s health emergency.

8/30/18- Much needed sleeping in. 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training (feel new again). Packing with music blaring. Last minute preps around the house. Out to dinner with a friend.

8/31/18- Brief 30 min training session with new client S. Last minute errands around town and chores around the house (including installation of new AC… A Sears end-of-season bargain). Short run with client B. Driving to Massachusetts Maritime Academy to watch my younger cousin M compete in his company’s parade and marching drills competition :) The tradition of military service in the Thompson family continues… :)

Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 9)

8/1/18- First full day in my new Frontier Pro-4x (blasting “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” with the sunroof open). Conflict on crowd control duty with assistant manager. Documentation following.

8/2/18- 30 min physical therapy (PT) exercises and 30 min strength training. Cleaning job. Registration complete—> new bumper stickers immediately put on :) Lay training session with client R for the summer.

8/3/18- 13.5 sweaty mi run @ canal before work, making friends with other female runners along the way. Took down piping plover fencing at Stony Point with other rangers (listening to the soothing sounds of the nearby bell buoys :). Met with canal manager S and my union rep R to discuss my grievance re the LOR.

8/4/18- 30 min PT and 30 min strength training before work. Conducted surveys at recreational sites. While on patrol, cracked down on poaching/undersized stripers. Initiating contact with relatives in the Azores, whom I’ve never met and have no idea how we’re related, but my 2nd cousin B has been to San Miguel a handful of times, so I’m relying on his paperwork with names and addresses.

8/5/18- 5 mi beach run in the sun :)

8/6/18- 41 mi bike ride @ canal before work… drafted off an electric bike for the last mile (I’m that good). A warm and sunny day at work picking up trash with other seasonal park ranger… An excuse to spend an extended period of time on the east end jetty. Decompressing at home, listening to “Ghost of Tom Joad".

8/7/18- 15 min elliptical, 30 min strength training, and 4 mi run with client A. Picking up fishermen’s trash in parking lots in the morning, while being video’d by one of the regular homeless individuals with his phone. By afternoon, “hunting” abandoned lobster traps in the canal Sandwich side— nice collaborative effort between U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, MA Environmental Police, and MA Division of Marine Fisheries.

8/8/18- Motivating 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training before work. Cleaning salty/foggy floor-to-ceiling windows of Marine Traffic Control and power washing the redwood benches along the canal (covered it moss)— the “transformations” were amazing… Photography consult with Cynthia Hovda Photography in the evening :)

8/9/18- Very uplifting and motivating 30 min PT and 30 min strength training. Babysitting Alex for a fun four hours of Legos, Heritage Museum and Gardens, and harvesting veggies from my garden. A free initial phone consult with potential client C re his asthma and difficulty passing his physical standard test for the Navy SEALS. Another free initial phone consult with potential client R re her desire to train for a long distance race.

8/10/18- 14 mi run @ canal before work. Received my Five Years of Federal Service certificate. Cleaned up trash along walking trails with other seasonal rangers. Met with canal manager S… LOR has been rescinded from my record!!!

8/11/18- Slept in. Got a pedicure (hot pink). Ran errands and did chores leisurely. Relaxing fire at night.

8/12/18- Dressing up as a Mardi Gras angel for Carnival Week kickoff booze cruise and costume contest in Ptown. So much fun with friends.

8/13/18- 2 hours of sleep. Meeting at Starbucks with client C to discuss Navy SEAL PST requirements and time frame before work. A busy day on patrol—> working with MA Environmental Police Officer (EPO) to locate “shorties” (undersized fish) and measure. Responded to an injured duck call and drove animal to Cape Wildlife for medical treatment. Approached by a man in motorized wheelchair along the canal, and he told me his life story for approx. 30 min; being the empathetic human being I am, I listened. By evening, prepped new clients’ paperwork.

8/14/18- Challenging strength training and 5.5 mi run with client @ canal before work. Received a stalker-type letter from wheelchair guy at my place of work… He drove his little wheelchair straight through our gate and into the admin building to deliver it. I took the evening to read and ponder the letter and this man’s act of going to my field office.

8/15/18- Upon arriving to work, I notified my manager, as well as MA Environmental Police and Bourne Police about the letter. Follow-up procedures- I gave testimony of my encounter with the man and handed over letter as evidence. After work, received a call for an interview at Cape Cod Community College re a part-time teaching assistant job that I applied for- start date in Sept. :)

Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 8)

7/15/18- 4 mi run with client A @ canal before work— a ton of striper activity. Productive day. Finalized September’s Europe itinerary and met with Dr. M in preparation for my meeting 7/18.

7/17/18- Meeting with Lee, founder of Veteran Entrepreneurial Training & Resource Network (VETRN) and being accepted into the Sept class :) Celebratory dinner that evening.

7/18/18- 12 mi run @ canal before work… I think fishermen are catching onto my alias (civilian runner/biker by dawn. and park ranger by day). At work, met with my manager re the grievance I submitted in response to the Letter of Reprimand (LOR). He’s deciding whether or not to rescind the LOR.

7/19/18- My Xterra’s vehicle inspection sticker- passed. 13.75 mi beach run in the sun, no humidity, and peace/quiet… crossed a stream barefoot at high tide and watched the whale watching boat leave the harbor full of tourists. By evening, coached high school client R— 'boot camp’ calisthenics circuit :)

7/20/18- 38 tired mi on bike @ canal before work. LOR not rescinded. Met with union rep J to discuss Step 2 of the grievance process. VETRN processing paperwork completed.

7/22/18- 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training before work. VETRN paperwork mailed. Spent 4 hours drafting a 5-page grievance letter. Spent an additional hour drafting my request for “reasonable accommodations” re my learning disability. Vacuumed out my own vehicle (finally).

7/23/18- A positive 4 mi run @ canal with client A before work. Being approached by a park attendant about a faulty emergency brake in their GEM electric golf cart, I immediately informed chain of command via email, as well as the oncoming park ranger that afternoon. A positive 4 mi run with client R through the rolling golf course hills.

7/24/18- 12.5 mi run @ canal before work. Stood a successful Traffic Control duty all day on the South Service Road… smiles in the sun. Wrapped up grievance letter in the Step 2 process. Got the next 5 days off from work.

7/25/18-Another positive 4 mi run @ canal with client A. Narcan training at WellStrong (emotional).

7/26/18- Test drove a Nissan Frontier and it stalled two miles down the road (what?!!!). Test drove a second Frontier, and it rode smooth... 12 mi beach run in the sun… humid, but I needed it. Introduced short interval running/training with client R.

7/27/18- Approaching a brain-damaged rabbit in the road and drove over it slowly to seal the deal on its fate… crying on my drive to the canal. Submitted my second grievance to the next level in the chain of command. A slow, weak 39 bike ride @ canal, south side. Being there for Alex, by his side, as he completed his level 1 swim test… He did great and passed. In the evening, meditated the unfolding events impending in August and moving forward… This Phoenix is preparing to rise from the ashes.

7/28/18- A motivating 30 min elliptical and 30 min strength training, listening to motivational youtube videos, including “I Am.” Vacuumed, went tanning and ran errands. Rest and relaxation in the afternoon. Dinner and movies with friend M.

7/29/18- 15 mi slow run around town. Afternoon chill with dogs. The planning and preparation for Europe continues <3

7/30/18- Short workout for myself, followed by a 5 mi run with client A @ canal before work. Followed up about GEM emergency brake issue with manager/assistant manager/safety ranger/oncoming ranger. 3 mi jog through golf course with client R and coming across an aggressive coyote. :(

7/31/18- 40 mi bike ride @ canal before work. Answering kids’ questions at the Visitor Center during the hosted event, “What do Rangers Do?” After work, picked up my new Nissan Frontier Pro-4x (a 4 hour process).

Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 7)

7/1/18- 34 mi (warm) bike ride @ canal before work. Seal pup stranding at east end jetty… repeatedly beaching itself (in proximity to the Drunken Seal Restaurant) and passing out from exhaustion. Getting hot in the sun and going back into the bay. I observed this seal pup’s behavior 3x, while I’m standing on the beach keeping a safety perimeter away from people, in my poly-blend uniform in the sweltering sun, dripping in sweat, waiting for IFAW volunteers to arrive. The seal pup was good to go.

7/2/18- 4 mi run with client A @ canal before work. Mom called to say Tsunami was off-balance, not walking outside, not eating, and vomiting 5x. She drove him to Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists (CCVS), where he was admitted overnight. I left work early to meet them there. Bloodwork was ok, more tests to be conducted. Harvested my first green beans of the season.

7/3/18- 35 mi bike ride @ canal before work. In anticipation all day, worried about my Sumo at CCVS. Brought him home in the evening—> very weak but alert.

7/4/18 (Independence Day)- Taking day off from work to be with and care for my Sumo in his recovery—> still in pain, but eating a bit and enjoying me being with him. Drove to Battleship Cove with friend J for a few hours to watch the fireworks over Mt Hope Bay, Fall River, from the main decks of USS Massachusetts.

7/5/18- Taking day off from work to be with and care for Sumo. While doing chores around the house, I watched his health slowly improve—> eating more and his 1st solid bowel movement in 5 days :)

7/6/18- Lazy stormy afternoon with Sumo in bed, working on training plans and organizing coaching notes. Sumo continues to eat, and he made his 2nd solid poop. He’s still wobbly on his feet.

7/7/18- 11.5 mi beach run. While running, vet from CCVS called to say Sumo’s diagnosis is Pancreatitis. Called Sumo’s primary vet to make an appointment and get him tested for Cushing disease. When I returned home, Tsunami was in good spirits and gave me his first toy “present” in his mouth in a week.

7/8/18- Slept in with Sumo. 36 mi bike ride @ canal, south side for a change of scenery… sun, not too congested, lots of boats. Afternoon chill with my pups.

7/9/18- Motivating 30 elliptical and 30 min strength training sesh. Taking the kiddos to their first swim lessons of the season at Peter’s Pond. Both did great—> sand castles and even some water action by Alex :) A lazy, relaxing afternoon with Sumo and Lilly. Sumo continues to eat more each day :)

7/10/18- Sumo’s vet visit— being placed on a 2nd seizure medication. A lazy afternoon around the house with the pups.

7/11/18- 11 mi run @ canal before work. Meeting with manager to discuss my Letter of Reprimand. Here, I mention my documented learning disability for the first time at a place of employment since leaving active duty Navy.

7/12/18- 37 mi bike ride @ canal before work—> stripers being pulled out of the water left and right. Meeting with my union rep re Letter of Reprimand. Meeting my new high school cross country client R and his family… a great first training session along rolling hills of Bayberry Hills Golf Course.

7/13/18- Speaking with the doctor who tested me for learning disabilities in 2008. Building my army of support.

7/14/18- Breather time @ work… relatively quiet for a Sat in the summer time. Organized and reviewed my notes and itinerary for September’s trip to Europe.

Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 6)

6/16/18- A beautiful 11 mi beach run (saw a seal pup sunbathing on the sand :), following by returning to my Xterra with a MIL light on (malfunction indicator light). FML. Thankful for the sun and good run…

6/17/18- 31 mi tired miles on the bike @ canal before work, but I got them done on less than 3 hours of sleep… Prepping for Norwich film crew, despite car problems. Ahhhhh…..!!!!

6/18/18- Motivating 30 min strength training and 30 min on the elliptical, followed by an unfortunate Xterra drop off at Nissan dealership (MIL). Blessed for Norwich camera crew at WellStrong for staging. Another 2 seizures for Sumo :(

6/19/18- Norwich filming.. twists and turns—> drama (wooooooh)

6/20/18- A rejuvenating 11 mi beach run, including the horse trail in the morning… Relaxing afternoon in the sun weeding my garden, cooking a Portuguese meal, and listening to Bruce :)

6/21/18- A therapeutic 30 min on the elliptical. A cute and memorable day with the kiddos at Heritage Museum and Gardens. A relaxing 1st day of summer with the fam (doggies) :)

6/22/18- Another coaching check in the mail—> money in the bank. Contracts are signed.

6/23/18- A very trying day at work, but still finding the energy to move forward: 6 foot inflatable raft in the canal, DIW sailboat, Water Safety Day, rebar safety issue at a parking lot, and mentally processing my manager’s “insubordination” email. Booked flights to Azores in Sept.

6/24/18- Booked hotels for Norwich Homecoming/Bicentennial Celebrations Sept 14-16 <3

6/25/18- First 2-hour in-person training session with my new client. Awkward SHARP (Sexual Harassment/Assaut Response Prevention) training at work, followed by a briefing re the possible turnover of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land at the canal to other federal agencies (what??). Updating my resume and cover letter.

6/26/18- 32 mi bike ride @ canal before work. Escorting “poison ivy spraying” contract crew around the canal. Got calls and errands done… boom.

6/27/18- 33 mi bike ride @ canal before work— WINDY— drafting off a fellow biker/complete stranger— Amen. Giving a free running consult to another complete stranger who asked about my Warrior Runners car decal. Full day of VA (Visitor Assistance, aka “combat training”) at work. Boxing class at night.

6/28/18- A motivating 30 min workout on the elliptical. An ok (reset kind of) shift at work- vacuuming patrol vehicles and more SHARP training. Booked my Paris excursions for Sept— Seine River dinner cruise and Moulin Rouge show :)

6/29/18- 3 hours of playing “Shopkins” with Alex in the morning. A healing therapy session at VA in the afternoon (aka cry purge), followed by a mental dump while running 11 mi along beach and dune trails. Thinking about my grandfather, Francisco, and his service onboard USS Trepang during WWII in the Pacific. Grateful to be alive.

6/30/18- An hour running/training session with three siblings in the morning— Warrior Runners t-shirts for all :) Sandwich Sailors Special Olympics pool party in the afternoon <3

Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 5)

6/1/18- 9.5 mi smooth run @ canal before work. 4.5 mi jog thru wooded trails in the evening. Total mileage: 14.0 mi

6/2/18- Meeting a friend for dinner and laughs

6/3/18- Grateful a coyote did not attack dogs and I at 0600 during our walk through the neighborhood. It took off after first approaching us, but I shouted and charged it.

6/4/18- Contributed to Bureau of Ocean Energy and Management (BOEM) public comment re Vineyard Wind :)

6/5/18- A slow (tired) 27 mi bike ride @ canal before work, but thankful for Springsteen’s voice…

6/6/18- 28 mi bike ride @ canal before work. During work, a short but lovely stroll in the sun along the jetty to pick up debris and fishermen’s trash.

6/7/18- Planted veggies in my garden with Alex in the morning, and a breath-taking drive along Falmouth Heights on my way to WellStrong for a good one-on-one strength training session with my client and friend A.

6/8/18- Getting errands done-> fortunate to have the time to regroup. Stopped by and said hi to my friend M at work.

6/9/18- Sunny, gorgeous Saturday to run 11 mi through the dune trails… So peaceful and needed.

6/10/18- A pretty, sunny, mild, and easy-breezy Sunday at work. Saw a deer in the woods thru my binos, got coaching contracts prepped, and consulted with client A.

6/11/18- Coyote encounter in early morning thru the neighborhood again… This time, my mom followed in her car and plowed towards it, but it ran into the woods. 29 mi bike ride @ canal before work- tired but thankful for mild conditions. Easy day at work. After work, mailed coaching packages with team shirts and contracts, and emailed VP of Alumni Relations re Norwich filming— a very good day <3

6/12/18- 30 mi bike ride @ canal before work… Sunny, but a bit breezy— introduced myself to stand up/out of the saddle riding into the wind (amazing cardio!!). U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Inspector General stopped by work to sit down and talk with us— good convo and progress in the right direction.

6/13/18- 10 mi run @ canal before work (running into a slight wind on the way back… felt pretty strong :) After work, completed another two invoices for coaching. 1st boxing class in the evening (the jab!!)!

6/14/18- Professional teeth whitening and bough new running sneakers. Took Dad out for his birthday dinner :)

6/15/18- Took a long, overdue nap on a cloudy, chilly day, followed by painting furniture (bringing them back to life) in the sun. A rare rest from cardio and strength training. :)

Reflections of a Warrior Runner's 2018 (part 4)

5/16/18- 8.0 mi run at canal before work @ lightning speed :) (8 x 1-mile repeats @ 7:20 pace, with 30 sec rests in between)

5/17/18- Grateful for the time off from work to use Disabled Veteran Leave and care for my therapy dog after his 2 seizures and falling down the stairs.

5/18/18- Inherited my grandfather’s old kitchen table chair (he was a big man, with an even bigger heart, and he required a big wooden chair <3

5/19/18- Ran to beach trail #5- a first in a long time :)

5/20/18- Drove an Army Colonel, Army General, and their small entourage around the canal and bridges.

5/22/18- Relayed a call from a park attendant of a boat dead in the water (DIW) in the canal to Marine Traffic Control (MTC) and the canal patrol boat crew. I was on scene within minutes ready to assist in recovery.

5/23/18- A damp, tired 23 mi bike ride @ canal on only 3.5 hours sleep… But, going to the movies with my sister the night before to watch “Life of the Party” was worth it. Sister Love.

5/23/18- Picked up my Xterra from the auto body shop: $500 deductible + $200 car rental= $700. $1000 Welcome Home Bonus - $700= $300 “profit”. Still trying to maintain some positivity… If there’s a Silver Lining—> NOBODY DIED!

5/24/18- Brought Alex to the canal to show him where I work :) Getting an email from Norwich University’s Vice President of Alumni Relations, asking for an interview as part of the school’s “Year of Distinction” video… EPIC.

5/26/18- 24 mi bike ride @ canal before work… much to think about.

5/27/18- “Revelation”: Alex’s inquiries, “What is a big number?” My response has always been “100… as in 100%” :)

5/28/18: 26 mi bike ride @ canal before work… cold drizzle :(

5/29/18- Renewing my Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) insurance for a potential client re Falmouth Road Race training… Right on.

5/30/18- A memorable day running the Special Olympics MA (SOMA) Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) @ canal (Sandwich/Bourne town line-> along canal-> over the Bourne Bridge-> ending on Main St, Buzzards Bay) with my Sandwich Sailors Special Olympics team, Bourne PD, and Barnstable Country Sheriff’s Dept, finishing at Mezza Luna restaurant for a celebratory feast!

5/31/18- 3 hours of playing “Shopkins” with Alex, followed by a 10.5 mi run on the beach in the warm sun :)

Reflections of a Weekend Warrior's 2018 (part 3)

5/1/18- Peaceful 7.5 mi beach run in the sun :)

5/2/18- While on evening patrol, I was the first emergency responder to a dirt bike accident on federal land. Town police and fire, followed by state environmental police, arrived shortly after. No critical injuries.

5/4/18- While on evening patrol, I was the first emergency responder to a disabled vehicle on the Sagamore Bridge. After notifying my chain of command, who then notified state police, a trooper arrived shortly after. Turns out there was a prior warrant on one of the gentlemen in the vehicle. MA State Police, you’re welcome.

5/5/18- While on evening patrol, I “assisted a runner in distress” as she was in the dark at the Sagamore Bridge and could not physically make it back to her vehicle 2 mi away. While escorting her back to the parking lot, I passed the canal patrol boat crew making their rounds east-end.

5/6/18- I contributed to online public comment for Vineyard Wind :)

5/7/18- Found a $20 bill by my car after grocery shopping! A good night besides the fire to vent and laugh.

5/9/18- A foggy, but eerily-cool 18 mile canal bike ride before work. Lunch with my friend R at the compound.

5/10/18- Listening to Bruce audiobook while riding 19 mi at the canal.

5/11/18- A “top of the world” kind of 7.5 mi run at the canal before work. Met with Sgt M re Special Olympics MA (SOMA) Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR).

5/12/18- Worked on Habitat Home application on a quiet, drizzly Sat night.

5/13/18- Got a flat in the work truck while on morning patrol along the side of the highway, but keeping it together like a champ… even after a dead battery shortly after. Grateful for my “angel” friend B for showing up to the rescue well ahead of the tow truck response :)

5/14/18- 20 mi canal bike ride listening to Bruce= bliss.

5/15/18- 21 mi windy/challenging but rewarding canal bike ride.

Reflections of a Weekend Warrior's 2018 (part 2)

4/16/18- Attended the Bureau of Ocean Energy and Management (BOEM) meeting in New Bedford for the Vineyard Wind Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

4/17/18- Ran 8 mi at the canal before work. During work, watched the procession for Officer Gannon drive by.

4/18/18- A great day at Heritage Museum and Gardens with the kiddos. (The sun made an appearance :)

4/19/18- A rainy day inside playing with the kiddos.

4/20/18- A lovely, memorable 14 mi bike ride at the canal before work— the first of many.

4/21/18- A sunny, windless day at the canal for Canal Clean Up.

4/22/18- Started my garden from seed on a sunny, warm Earth Day.

4/23/18- A peaceful 5 mi run at the canal before work, a great therapy session at the VA, and finding a bright white balloon at the beach to run with for 4 miles.

4/24/18- Nature hiking with Alex. Booked Paris and London hotels for Sept :)

4/25/18- Met up with my best friend, E, from Norwich at The Cove Restaurant in Battleship Cove.

4/26/18- Played in the yard with Alex, followed by chalk artwork in the garage.

4/27/18- A relaxing 7.5 mi trail run, followed by a much needed haircut (thank you sis).

4/28/18- Started my application for the MA Welcome Home Bonus (8 years since leaving active duty).

4/29/18- Smiles all around at the Sandwich Sailors Special Olympics track & field practice at Riverview School.

4/30/18- Bonded over a strength training session with clients at WellStrong in the morning. Laughs/understanding while watching “I, Tonya” with a friend in the evening.

Reflections of a Weekend Warrior's 2018 (part 1)

The day I chose to put onto paper my thoughts of daily gratitude was March 28, 2018. What happened next was divine intervention:

3/28/18- Received an “Access Code” for “Springsteen on Broadway” (after two failed attempts) and got tickets for the Sat Nov 10, 2018 show :) <3

3/30/18- Handed a paper copy of my Marine Science thesis to the project manager at Vineyard Wind. Had a great therapy session at the VA.

3/31/18- While on patrol at the canal, I assisted an older gentleman who had a medical condition on the rip rap rocks while fishing.

3/31/18- Received an email notification from MA DUA re the approval of my unemployment claim (made 20 weeks ago!!) and retroactive pay.

4/1/18- Finished yard spring cleanup (leaves, twigs, mulch, garden beds) just in time for next round of blanket of snow (1-2”). Happy Easter and April Fool’s!

4/2/18- Bought 50% off Easter candy @ CVS and 75% off rack of lamb at Stop ‘n Shop :) Yummy!

4/3/18- Getting excited for “Springsteen on Broadway”-> downloaded the “Born to Run” audiobook for bike training this summer at the canal :)

4/4-18- Breaking down in tears of frustration on the phone with vet and CVS regarding Sumo’s Rx refill, but finally spoke with someone who actually helped.

4/5/18- Spring cleaned the house on Red Sox Opening Day :)

4/6/18- Led my first strength training “event” at WellStrong. 2 members in attendance :)

4/8/18- Getting into a fender bender but being grateful no one was hurt and minimal damage was done. Praise the Lord.

4/9/18- Remembering the life and legacy of my Vavoa (grandmother), Beatrice Souza <3

4/10/18- Meeting up with a good friend for dinner and drinks to vent and encourage each other. Go J at Cape Cod Ragnar!!

4/11/18- Met Nate from Vineyard Wind to discuss offshore wind energy in New England and test drove a Toyota Forerunner. Vroom…

4/12/18- Enjoyed a nice sunny spring day with only one layer of pants :)

4/13/18 (Friday)- Read the “DREAM BIG: A TRUE STORY OF COURAGE AND DETERMINATION” children’s book and found myself in tears… so good <3

4/14/18- A great day at Special Olympics Massachusetts’ “Coaches’ College” at Shrewsbury High School.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Warrior Runners wishes everyone a joyous holiday season and a very Happy New Year! 2018 was a tumultuous roller coaster of celebratory highs and grieving lows. Please follow my blog as I journal: “Reflections of a Weekend Warrior’s 2018.”

I started journaling my daily dose of gratitude end of March 2018. I had recently returned from a Caribbean Running Cruise in Feb, and I witnessing the hurricane-ravaged islands of Puerto Rico and Saint Thomas (USVI), among others, up close and personal. This really put things into perspective for me. As an islander myself (born and raised on Martha’s Vineyard), I have a deep appreciation for the ocean and all that Mother Nature is capable of… My family survived Hurricane Bob on the island in 1991.

The day I chose to put onto paper my thoughts was March 28, 2018.

3/28/18- Received an “Access Code” for “Springsteen on Broadway” (after two failed attempts) and got tickets for the Sat Nov 10, 2018 show :) <3

3/30/18- Handed a paper copy of my Marine Science thesis to the project manager at Vineyard Wind. Had a great therapy session at the VA.

3/31/18- While on patrol at the canal, I assisted an older gentleman who had a medical condition on the rip rap rocks while fishing.

3/31/18- Received an email notification from MA DUA re the approval of my unemployment claim (made 20 weeks ago!!) and retroactive pay.

4/1/18- Finished yard spring cleanup (leaves, twigs, mulch, garden beds) just in time for next round of blanket of snow (1-2”). Happy Easter and April Fool’s!

4/2/18- Bought 50% off Easter candy @ CVS and 75% off rack of lamb at Stop ‘n Shop :) Yummy!

To Be Continued…

Happy 2019 everyone… I’m looking forward to magical things/events ahead.

Special Olympics Massachusetts Jolly Jaunt 5K Sun 12/2

Hello fans and participants of Special Olympics! Happy Holidays!!!! The Jolly Jaunt 5K is quickly approaching on Sun 12/2 in Hyannis. Proceeds go directly to Special Olympics Massachusetts (SOMA). This directly benefits our local athletes, including the Sandwich Sailors (, who do not have to pay for their participation in sports year-round. For our athletes and families, being on sports teams is more than just competing and staying in shape… they are opportunities to socialize and feel part of a community. This holiday season in the spirit of giving/doing good deeds, please consider donating/registering for the Jolly Jaunt 5K. If you see me, please wave and say hi! Thank you for your kindness.

Sandwich Turkey Trot 5K

There is much to be thankful for this year, and Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to give back. I ran the famous Sandwich Turkey Trot 5K 8 a.m. during the “coldest Thanksgiving on record” with a client. Dressed as the B.A.A. mascot (the unicorn) in 5 thin layers, it was quickly apparent at the start of the race that I was overdressed. I felt like I was back in the Caribbean running 5Ks on several islands, where even in February the humidity is so intense that breathing is nearly impossible for the ill-adjusted. For anyone who’s never been to the Tropics (or the Persian Gulf in August for that matter), it feels like trying to take deep breaths in a sauna with the temperature turned way up. LoL. Real world problems for the professional athlete… The lesson learned here is: train like you race, and if Life (Mother Nature) throws you a curve ball, just roll with the punches.

BTW, Sebastien and I ran at a respectable average pace of 8:20. Way to go us :) The beach training is paying off!

David Lewis 5K for Recovery

The David Lewis 5K for Recovery is this Sat Sept 29 at 10 a.m. in Barnstable Village, MA. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. Please join us as we raise money for WellStrong, a non-profit fitness and wellness center in Falmouth for those in recovery from substance abuse. As a volunteer coach at WellStrong, I’ve personally witnessed the positive effects that physical fitness, meditation, yoga, team building exercises, and more have had on clients in successfully overcoming their addiction. If you can’t make the run, please consider donating to the following secure page. Proceeds go directly to this “movement” of recovery in growing stronger and reaching more people. Thank you!

Habitat Inaugural Bike Fundraiser, "The Ride for Homes" Raises over $50,000

Between just 75 participants, over $50,000 was raised for Habitat of Cape Cod’s inaugural Classic Cycle: The Ride for Homes!

Thanks to all who donated to my own fundraising page. Team Warrior Runners raised $600, and all proceeds go directly to this amazing non-profit organization.

The morning of the bike ride was overcast and a bit chilly, but nonetheless the winds were minimal, the rain held off, and the warmth of smiles, laughs, and comradery kept everyone toasty— the burgers, hot dogs, and beer helped too!! :)

Cheers to a job Well Done! I look forward to next year’s ride…