Wednesday Night Fun Run Dec 6, 2017

Welcome to December!  Weather-wise, it was a pretty decent day once the rain stopped.  This evening's canal fun run was 39 degrees, with a real feel of 44 and minimal winds.  Not bad at all.  I felt good...  Great if I ran just 2 sec faster.  So it goes.  ;)  As the days continue to get shorter and colder, I'm sending positive, warm vibes to everyone.  Cheers!!!

Steph T.  30:01

Wednesday Night Fun Run Nov 22, 2017

Unpleasant, cold rain and wind tonight.  With no takers to join me and an early morning wake up for the Turkey Trot 5K, I decided to jog one mile instead of the full four tonight.  I'm hoping for a decent finish time tomorrow, despite the forecasted Brrrrr temps.  I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving in the company of friends and family :)  See you next Wed, Nov 29.

Steph T.  7:45


Wednesday Night Fun Run Nov 8, 2017

November's cold weather is finally here, and we're plunged into darkness once again with Daylight Savings.  Before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us...

This evening's run was chilly but not too bad.  Thankfully, winds were at a minimal.  It was great to see new faces.  

As a heads up, I will not be able to lead the canal fun run next Wed, Nov 15.  I'll be on a much needed getaway trip to California.  We'll pick back up Wed Nov 22.  Enjoy your November.  Brrrr.  Stay warm!  :)

Tyler M.  33:30

Devon O.  33:30

Chris M.  33:30

Steph T.  33:30

Wednesday Night Fun Run Nov 1, 2017

Happy Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos).  I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween :)  Unfortunately, I was not able to lead this evening's canal run.  The cross country team I coach at Sandwich STEM Academy had its final All Cape meet in Yarmouth, and I wasn't able to make it back in time.  But the great news is that Sandwich represented well, and every student-athlete ran with heart and determination.  My top boys finished 1st, 2nd, and 6th in their race of about 100 runners, and my one girl placed 3rd in her race of about 100 runners.  I am one proud coach!!!  

I will return to the canal for the Wed night fun run next week, Nov 8.  I hope to see you there!

Wednesday Night Fun Run Oct 18, 2018

It was a sunny, warm, minimal wind kind-of Fall day...  So nice out, that I ran in the morning and again this evening for the canal fun run.  Needless to say, my legs are tired and I had no kick at the end...  With the Baystate Half Marathon this weekend, I think I'll take the next three days off from running and focus on rest and recovery.  I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather while it lasts.  Cheers!

Steph T.  30:10


Wednesday Night Fun Run Oct 11, 2017

It was a great Autumn day today... Cooler with a breeze and sunny.  At the canal, winds were steadier, as usual, compared inland, which made for a slight challenge on the return leg of the fun run.  But all in all- a fantastic day... Hard to believe it's almost mid-Oct.  My favorite time of year, and it's flying by.  Enjoy the Halloween spooktacular festivities.  :)

Steph T.  29:56


Wednesday Night Fun Run Aug 9, 2017

The weather was incredible today- sunny, warm, with no humidity.  The perfect summer conditions!  Unfortunately, I was not able to make today's canal run.  I attended a military funeral at the Bourne National Cemetery.  It was a very somber service.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  I will return Wed Aug 16 for the next runThank you for your understanding.  ~Steph